TTA Truckland

Garage business for DAF Trucks and Fiat delivery vans with a showroom on the Loven Noord industrial site in Tilburg.

Business properties

Below you will find an overview of business properties developed or developed by HVBM Vastgoed.

Business properties

P&M Express, Tilburg

HVBM Vastgoed developed a new business premises for P&M Express.

The new accommodation consists of approximately 2,758 m² of office and industrial space and a secure truck parking area of approximately 12,000 m².

The new business location will be certified according to the current TAPA FSR-A standard.
Project: P&M Express
Location: Tilburg
Zevenheuvelenweg 29
Surface area: 2,758 m² office- and Industrial space
12,000 m² secure truck parking

User(s): P&M Express
Status: Realised

Eriks Kunststoffen, Ede

HVBM Vastgoed developed for Eriks a new business space on the BT A12 business park in Ede.

The "built to suit" new-build development is delivered to Eriks by HVBM Vastgoed.

The plot size and design offer Eriks and HVBM the opportunity to expand the building in the future.

Project: Eriks Kunststoffen
Location: Ede
Franscis Baconstraat
Surface area: 8.803 m² business space
1.198 m² mezzanine
1.621 m² office space
User(s): Eriks Kunststoffen
Status: Realised

Fri-Jado, Roosendaal

Fri-Jado B.V. has signed a long-term lease with HVBM Vastgoed B.V. for a new development at business park Borchwerf in Roosendaal. The object is delivered early 2019.
Project: Fri-Jado
Location: Roosendaal
Blauwhekken, Oud Gastel
Surface area:
15.186 m2 logistics space
558 m2 mezzanine
2.090 m2 office/showroom
User(s): Fri-Jado B.V.
Status: Realised

Beijer Ref, Oirschot

At the request of Beijer Ref HVBM Vastgoed developed a building in which the Beijer Ref Support Centre is established on business area Westfields, Oirschot.  
The object is tailor-made and occupied from 1 November 2017.
Project: Beijer Ref
Location: Oirschot
Westfields 1210
Surface area:

Approx. 9.450 m2 warehouse 

Approx. 62 m2 mezzanine
Approx.2.735 m2 office

User(s): ECR-Nederland B.V.
Status: Realised

Alimak Hek, Tilburg

On business area Kraaiven HVBM Vastgoed developed for Alimak Hek BV business space with office.
Project: Alimak Hek
Location: Tilburg
Swaardvenstraat 10
Surface area: warehouse 13.500 m2
office 450 m2
site 7.525 m2
User(s): Alimak Hek BV
Status: Realised

Albert Heijn Pick Up Point, Tilburg

The second Pick Up Point for Albert Heijn in The Netherlands. The PUP is located on business park Katsbogten, along the main exit of Tilburg the A58. HVBM built and developed this PUP in just a few months.
Project: Albert Heijn Pick Up Point
Location: Tilburg
Rosa Castellanosstraat 3
Surface area: Approx. 265 m2 warehouse
Approx. 45 m2 office
Approx. 300 m2  canoipy
Lettable unit approx. 150 m2
User(s): Ahold
Status: Realised

TTA Truckland, Berkel Enschot

Development of a new garage business for DAF Trucks and Fiat delivery vans with a showroom on the Loven Noord industrial site in the Tilburg district.
Project: TTA Truckland
Location: Berkel Enschot
Nieuwe Atelierstraat 19
Surface area: 2.555 m2 working places and warehouse
338 m2 office
344 m2 showroom
User(s): TTA Truckland
Status: Realised

Alkulux, Tilburg

On business area Kraaiven in Tilburg, we developed a warehouse and a workshop with offices for Alkulux.
Project: Alkulux
Location: Tilburg
Zevenheuvelenweg 70
Surface area: 6.100 m2 warehouse
1.110 m2 office
User(s): Alkulux Kozijnen
Status: Realised

Takkebijsters, Breda

The Takkebijsters business park in Breda is right next to the A27, with a highly-visible location and easy access. HVBM developed a logistics warehouse with loading docks on the site.
Project: Takkebijsters
Location: Breda
Takkebijsters 51, 51a en 51b
Surface area: 5.500 m2 warehouse
1.200 m2 office
User(s): Rutronik
Holland Buyers
Status: Realised

Business Property Hazeldonk, Breda

This project consists of a distribution area situated on the Hazeldonk business park, directly on the A16 highway at the Dutch-Belgian border. HVBM developed the distribution complex to the specifications of the tenant at that time.
Project: Business Property Hazeldonk
Location: Breda
Hazeldonk 6550
Surface area: 4.700 m2 warehouse
800 m2 office
Status: Realised