Welcome Gideon Beemster to the HVBM Vastgoed team

Since January 2019, Gideon Beemster has been working within the HVBM Vastgoed team on the development of the new distribution center for Decathlon in Tilburg. This pleasant collaboration has resulted in an employment relationship that started on November 1. Gideon feels at home in the HVBM Vastgoed team and fulfills his role as project manager with great pleasure and dedication. Given the large amount of work, this is a very welcome addition to the HVBM team.

After completing his architectural studies, Gideon started his career at Grosfeld, Bekkers, van der Velde Architects as a structural draftsman. He later developed into a designer and project manager. With great pleasure, he was able to work with a professional team on challenging projects where the user was central.

Gideon then started his own design studio in small-scale projects in which he supervised the design and realization. After leaving Grosfeld, he started as a commercial project manager with a contractor, developed commercially and realized villas and commercial buildings.

Ultimately, he rolled into the automotive industry driven by his 2nd passion for classic cars. In addition to his design studio, Gideon took over a wholesaler in car materials and workshop equipment.

After 10 years it was time for a new challenge and Gideon came into contact with commercial and logistics real estate through HVBM.