DC Charlotte, Tilburg

Start building new distribution-, sales- and services centre Biesheuvel Techniek

Construction can start! Councillor for Economy and Knowledge of the municipality of Venlo, Stephan Satijn and Meino Noordenbos of Biesheuvel Groep BV made the "first act" December 8th: the symbolic start of construction!

The new distribution-, sales- and services centre of Biesheuvel Techniek will be realised at the Columbusweg Venlo.

The former concrete building of Nissin Food is demolished in the last period very rapidly and the site is now ready for the new modern logistics centre of Biesheuvel Techniek. The construction process will have to run very fast also because Biesheuvel will be operating in July 2016. We therefore count on a mild winter and come out of the ground mid-January with the construction of the steel structure.

The new distribution, sales and service centre consists of 18.000 m2 warehouse (of which 12.000 m2 is for Biesheuvel and 6.000 m2 will be offered to the market), 400 m2 of office (sales offices and partly logistics office) and a mezzanine floor of 1.500 m2 is realised on a site of approximately 30.000 m2.

The redevelopment (demolition of an existing building for new buildings) is the most basic sustainable idea and socially desirable from a functional space.