Provada 2019: Are we fit for the Future?

PROVADA, the real estate meeting point, this year on 4 till 6 June  Amsterdam RAI.

During the three exhibition days developers, investors, consultants, financiers, users and municipalities come together in a professional environment, plans, ideas and visions will be shared.
Adriaan Molenschot is present on behalf HVBM Vastgoed.

The fifteenth annual real estate exhibition PROVADA will be asking the thought-provoking question “Are we fit for the future?”

With the economy booming, the positivity in the market is palpable. We know that there are a number of strategic issues that will drastically affect the future of our sector. In this busy time, are we effectively anticipating the trends, regulations and innovations that are coming our way? After all, making a city and society future-proof means making fundamental choices today.