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New distribution-, sales and services center in Venlo for Biesheuvel Techniek

Biesheuvel Techniek signed a long-term lease agreement with HVBM Vastgoed for a new distribution-, sales- and services center at the Columbusweg in Venlo. The lease agreement contains 12.000 m² of logistics space, 1.500 m² mezzanine and 1.400 m² office. The property is fully developed customized and will be completed mid-2016.

With more than 700.000 articles and continuously growing, Biesheuvel Techniek is a supplier for all maintenance and production supplies. Biesheuvel Techniek offers a complete range of Industrial Supplies and Industrial Up-Time Services to operate the production process optimally. Orders are daily processed within 24 hours.

Meino Noordenbos Biesheuvel Groep B.V.: “After a detailed search and selection process, our employees, management team, IPH Group and shareholder PAI are pleased with the next “growing step”. In the last years we worked fine at the Van Coehoornstraat and Winkelveldstraat, but now we go over the turnover of € 100 million and we have reached the no. 2 position on the industrial distributor field. Venlo is a good location with good community support and offers excellent facilities. Further growth is within our reach and our tailored new building will be to the A67. HVBM appeared to make the best offer. Logistics tailor-made work comes and we do that also for our manufacturing and servicing customers”.

Biesheuvel Techniek was immediately charmed of the good location and HVBM appeared to do the best offer. With logistics consultancy Archicom a detailed program of requirements is made. In close cooperation with Biesheuvel Techniek and the entire construction team HVBM Vastgoed is currently busy with the preparations.

Adriaan Molenschot, director HVBM Vastgoed: "HVBM Vastgoed is strong with the  "Build to Suit" concept for logistics projects. A tenant like Biesheuvel Techniek, who is very involved, perfectly fits our approach”.

This project is a good example of sustainability through redevelopment. The old building that is currently on the location, will be demolished and the land is now developed totality.

The new distribution-, sales- and services center has an expansion capability of 6.000 m² which will be also immediately realized. Hereby the HVBM Vastgoed meets the growth ambitions of Biesheuvel Techniek. In the intervening period, this high-quality warehouse will be offered in the market.