HVBM Vastgoed and Bruil are developing a new fresh-distribution center for PLUS in Deventer

HBC – a collaboration between HVBM Vastgoed and Bruil Bouw Groep – develops a new, modern and sustainable fresh-distribution center for supermarket chain PLUS, the newly formed cooperative after the merger between PLUS and Coop.

A future-proof distribution center is being developed and built on 13 hectares of land at A1 Business Park West in Deventer. To enable the construction of the distribution center, HBC has purchased a plot from the municipality. HBC has sold part of its own land on the A1 Business Park to the municipality to enable the construction of public space on the site.

Due to the recent merger, PLUS and Coop form the third largest service supermarket in the Netherlands. Coop already has a fresh distribution center in Deventer, in the Solingenstraat, which will move to the new location as soon as the new building is ready. The important employer role that Coop fulfills in Deventer will therefore remain intact under the PLUS flag and will be expanded due to its growth ambitions.

Rowell Versleijen, director of supply chain PLUS: “Together we have enormous growth ambitions. And to be prepared for growth, a new, future-proof fresh distribution center is needed. From this new location in Deventer and the existing location in Barendrecht, all our stores will soon be supplied with all fresh products on a daily basis.”

Alderman Thomas Walder: "It's great that we keep a large employer in Deventer this way, and therefore many jobs. And it's good news for the western part of A1 Business Park to be developed, we can now really get started there."

PLUS and HBC together strive to deliver a future-inclusive building that meets the highest and most recent sustainability requirements and wishes. The new fresh distribution center is expected to be delivered to PLUS in the first quarter of 2024.