DC Charlotte, Tilburg

Ground Break Ceremony Hollister Roosendaal

We have started! The construction of the new warehouse for Hollister is in full swing and proceeds prosperously!

Today, June 8, District Governor Frits Harteveld of the municipality of Halderberge performs an official act under the supervision of all parties involved in the project.

DC Halderberge VOF (an cooperation of HVBM Vastgoed B.V. and Wouda Invest B.V.) realises for Hollister Services B.V. a new warehouse on business area Borchwerf.  It contains 30.000 m² of logistics space, 3.560 m²  mezzanine and 1.080 m² office. The courant object will be developed customized and will be completed the end of 2017.

The new warehouse will offer expansion capacity of 11.000 m² of logistics space, 1.200 m²  mezzanine and 140 m² office which will be immediately realized. Hereby the HVBM Vastgoed meets the growth ambitions of Hollister. In the intervening period, this high-quality warehouse will be offered to the market.