Reitse Poort II

Four striking office buildings which differ from each other in working surface area and external appearance. However, from an architectural viewpoint they are similar.
HVBM Vastgoed BV

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Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 105 
PO Box 35 
5000 AA Tilburg 
Phone   +31 13 466 69 69
Fax       +31 13 466 69 70 

Register of Commerce: 53637321
VAT nr.: NL 8509.56.468.B01


Discover the strength of the HVBM team

HVBM Vastgoed is a developer of corporate buildings, offices, concepts and areas. We are a subsidiary of the Heerkens van Bavel Group.

Within the Heerkens van Bavel Group, HVBM Vastgoed operates independently, which means that, for every project, it has the freedom to select the best partners. 

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Direct contact : +31 13 466 69 69


"Building up a warm relationship, with a customer who makes everything cold, is also art"
Udo van der Meer
CEO - Beijer Ref Benelux
“Our question was quite exceptional: HVBM was able to provide a tailor-made product.”
Frank Klessens
Director - Alimak Hek
“The property exceeds all expectations. This building is not only functional but also beautiful.”
Ward Termeer
CEO - Sacha Shoes
"A design That we all fell in love with" a building that means more than just a DC.”
Martin Zegers
Managing Director - Forever direct
“HVBM’s creativity, the location and the aspect of sustainability by redevelopment were the deciding factors for choosing HVBM Vastgoed.”
Meino Noordenbos
Director - Biesheuvel Techniek
“The collaboration with HVBM is excellent and has already led to several beautiful results.”
Marc Heuvelmans
Partner - Bogaerts & Groenen
Within 1 year our new European DC is realized. This was possible because of the good and professional cooperation and the decisive and flexible attitude of HVBM as a partner. A fantastic achievement.
Job Sonke
Manager EDC - Hollister Services
A developer open to the needs of the user: flexible and compliant. The attitude in the preliminary stage, the design, ad hoc decisions during the construction process, the financial picture ... everything was right.
Nils Kan
Managing Director - Corning