TYC Almere

Logistics centre (distribution centre for auto-spares) and head-office of TYC Europe.

Logistics centres

Below you will find an overview of logistics centers developed by HVBM Vastgoed. HVBM Vastgoed develops on all logistics hotspots in the Netherlands.

Logistics centres

Ingram Micro - de Bijenkorf, Tilburg

Ingram Micro CLS Benelux B.V. has signed a long-term lease agreement with HVBM Vastgoed B.V. for a new development on business park Kraaiven in Tilburg. In this modern sustainable distribution center Ingram Micro will take care of the logistics operation for the Bijenkorf.

The sustainable and gasless building is custom developed and realized according the highest standard in logistics real estate. HVBM and Ingram Micro aim for a building that meets the BREEAM standard Outstanding.

The object will be taken into use by Ingram Micro mid-2019.
Project: Ingram Micro - de Bijenkorf
Location: Tilburg
Zevenheuvelenweg 82
Surface area: 31,246 m2 warehouse
6,546 m2 mezzanine
3,233 m2 office
User(s): Ingram Micro CLS Benelux B.V.
Status: In development

Hollister, Roosendaal

DC Halderberge VOF (an cooperation of HVBM Vastgoed B.V. and Wouda Invest B.V.) concluded a long-term lease agreement with Hollister Services B.V. for a new warehouse on business area Borchwerf.

The courant object is developed customized, certificated conform "BREEAM Very Good standard"

The warehouse under construction will offer expansion capacity of 11.000 m² of logistics space, 1.200 m²  mezzanine and 140 m² office. Hereby the HVBM Vastgoed meets the possible growth ambitions of Hollister in the future. In the intervening period, this high-quality warehouse will be offered to the market.
Project: Hollister
Location: Roosendaal
Boekerman 2, Oud Gastel
Surface area:

Warehouse A en B, rented:

approx. 30.000 m2 warehouse

approx. 3.560 m2 mezzanine

approx. 1.080 m2 office

Warehouse C, available in the market:

approx. 10.951 m2 warehouse

approx. 1.205 m2 mezzanine

approx. 127 m2 office

User(s): Hollister Services B.V.
Status: Realised

Beijer Ref, Oirschot

At the request of Beijer Ref HVBM Vastgoed developed a building in which the Beijer Ref Support Centre is established on business area Westfields, Oirschot.  
The object is tailor-made and occupied from 1 November 2017.
Project: Beijer Ref
Location: Oirschot
Westfields 1210
Surface area:

Approx. 9.450 m2 warehouse 

Approx. 62 m2 mezzanine
Approx.2.735 m2 office

User(s): ECR-Nederland B.V.
Status: Realised

Corning, Amsterdam

HVBM Vastgoed concluded a long-term lease agreement with Corning for her new business space at the Fogostraat/Etnastraat in Amsterdam. The courant object is developed customized and has a possibility of 6.000 m2 expansion.
Project: Corning
Location: Amsterdam
Fogostraat 12
Surface area: Approx. 8.000 m2 warehouse
Approx. 768 m2 mezzanine
Approx. 473 m2 office
Status: Realised

Biesheuvel Techniek, Venlo

The distribution-, sales- and services center for Biesheuvel Techniek at the Columbusweg in Venlo. The property is fully developed customized.
Project: Biesheuvel Techniek
Location: Venlo
Surface area: Approx. 18.000 m2 warehouse
Approx. 2.150 m2 mezzanine
Approx. 1.650 m2 office
User(s): Biesheuvel Techniek
Status: Realised

Forever Direct, Roosendaal

For Forever Direct, HVBM developed a Build to Suit distribution centre and office on the Borchwerf II business park in Roosendaal.  
Project: Forever Direct
Location: Roosendaal
't Appeltje 2
Surface area: App. 17.000 m2 warehouse
App. 1.000 m2 office
User(s): Forever Direct
Status: Realised

Sacha Shoes, Tilburg

On the Katsbogten business park, HVBM developed a new warehouse and office for Sacha Shoes.
Project: Sacha Shoes
Location: Tilburg
Rosa Castellanosstraat
Surface area: App. 5.000 m2 warehouse
App. 150 m2 office
User(s): Sacha Shoes

DC Kraaiven, Tilburg

This distribution centre is built according to the current specifications of logistics service providers. That includes: free height of app. 13.7 metres, ESFR-sprinkler installation, floorcapicity of 5 kN/m2 and several docks. (High Energy Performance Standard)
Project: DC Kraaiven
Location: Tilburg
Swaardvenstraat 14-16-18
Surface area: App. 28.000 m2
User(s): Fabory
Iron Mountain
Chr. Vermeer Logistics 
Status: Realised

Van Harenstraat, Waalwijk

A distribution center has been realized at Haven Zeven (Port Seven) in Waalwijk, on request and specification of the user at that time. The object is currently long-term leased to Gefco.

Project: Van Harenstraat
Location: Waalwijk
Van Harenstraat 3
Surface area: approx. 5.562 m2 warehouse (incl. distribution area)
approx. 1.035 m2 entresol
approx. 550 m2 office space
approx. 28 m2 office space distribution area 

User(s): Gefco
Status: Realised

Zimmer Biomet Hazeldonk, Breda

A large-scale distribution complex situated on the Hazeldonk industrial park, direct access to the A16 motorway on the Dutch-Belgian border. The complex consists of three warehouses and complies with all modern requirements as specified.
Project: Zimmer Biomet Hazeldonk
Location: Breda
Hazeldonk 6528
Surface area: 3 warehouses, total: 26.065 m2
500 m2 office
User(s): Zimmer - Biomet
Status: Realised

Logistics Center Hazeldonk, Breda

Large-scale distribution complex at that time completed for Chevrolet/Opel, situated on the Hazeldonk industrial park, directly adjacent to the A16 motorway on the Dutch-Belgian border. Currently being leased to Lidl for a long term.
Project: Logistics Center Hazeldonk
Location: Breda
Hazeldonk 6520-6524
Surface area: 52.000 m2
User(s): Lidl
Status: Realised

Staples Advantage, Almere

Staples Advantage is located on the “Sallandse kant” industrial zone next to the A6 motorway.
Project: Staples Advantage
Location: Almere
Rondebeltweg 102
Surface area: 21.000 m2 warehouse
5.000 m2 office
User(s): Staples Advantage
Status: Realised

TYC, Almere

Logistics centre (distribution centre for auto-spares) and head-office of TYC Europe.
Project: TYC
Location: Almere
Rondebeltweg 92
Surface area: 14.000 m2 warehouse
1.200 m2 office
User(s): TYC Europe
Status: Realised

Muldershof, Wijchen

The owner of an existing distribution centre on business area Bijsterhuizen, near Nijmegen, engaged HVBM for the expansion of the building.
Project: Muldershof
Location: Wijchen
Bijsterhuizen 25-01/25-03
Surface area:

13.000 m2 warehouse
500 m2 office

Total area:
31.000 m2 warehouse
1.300 m2 office

User(s): Alpha International
Bike Europe
Status: Realised

Logistiek Centrum Bedrijvenpark Kraaiven, Tilburg

At business park Kraaiven we have a large ground position for a Build to Suit development.

The design of architect Dedato serves as an example and can of course be adapted to tenant's wishes.
Project: Logistiek Centrum Bedrijvenpark Kraaiven
Location: Tilburg
Zevenheuvelenweg 72
Surface area: - Warehouse approx. 31.550 m2
- Office approx. 1.500 m2 (custom made)
- Mezzanine 1.500 m2 (custom made)

NSK, Tilburg

Logistics centre at that time developed for NSK Europe.
Project: NSK
Location: Tilburg
De Kroonstraat 38
Surface area: 11.000 m2 warehouse
600 m2 office
User(s): available
Status: Realised

Tempel II Moerdijk, Zevenbergen

The first project of HVBM Vastgoed, following the requirements and specifications of the purchaser, was completed in 2000.
Project: Tempel II Moerdijk
Location: Zevenbergen
Mark S. Clarkelaan 2
Surface area: 15.000 m2 warehouse
350 m2 office
User(s): DHL
Status: Realised