TTA Truckland

Development of a new garage business for DAF Trucks and Fiat delivery vans with a showroom on the Loven Noord industrial site in the Tilburg district.

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Business properties

Below is an overview of business properties that HVBM Vastgoed develops or has developed.

Alimak Hek, Tilburg

On business area Kraaiven HVBM Vastgoed developed for Alimak Hek BV business space with office.
Project:Alimak Hek
Swaardvenstraat 10
Surface area:site 9.100 m2
warehouse 13.500 m2
office 450 m2
User(s):Alimak Hek BV
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Albert Heijn Pick Up Point, Tilburg

The second Pick Up Point for Albert Heijn in The Netherlands. The PUP is located on business park Katsbogten, along the main exit of Tilburg the A58. HVBM built and developed this PUP in just a few months.
Project:Albert Heijn Pick Up Point
Rosa Castellanosstraat 3
Surface area:Approx. 265 m2 warehouse
Approx. 45 m2 office
Approx. 300 m2  canoipy
Lettable unit approx. 150 m2
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TTA Truckland, Berkel Enschot

Development of a new garage business for DAF Trucks and Fiat delivery vans with a showroom on the Loven Noord industrial site in the Tilburg district.
Project:TTA Truckland
Location:Berkel Enschot
Nieuwe Atelierstraat 19
Surface area:2.555 m2 working places and warehouse
338 m2 office
344 m2 showroom
User(s):TTA Truckland
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Hatenboer Electro, Breda

The Hatenboer project consists of a distribution area situated on the Hazeldonk business park, directly on the A16 highway at the Dutch-Belgian border. HVBM developed the distribution complex to client specifications in 2006.
Project:Hatenboer Electro
Hazeldonk 6550
Surface area:4.700 m2 warehouse
800 m2 office
User(s):Hatenboer Electro
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Nouwens en Alkulux, Tilburg

On the former CharlotteOord site in Tilburg, we developed for Nouwens a warehouse and a workshop with offices for Alkulux.
Project:Nouwens en Alkulux
Zevenheuvelenweg 70
Surface area:6.100 m2 warehouse
1.110 m2 office
User(s):Nouwens Verhuizingen
Alkulux Kozijnen
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Takkebijsters, Breda

The Takkebijsters business park in Breda is right next to the A27 with a highly-visible location and easy access. In 2001, HVBM developed a logistics warehouse with loading docks on the site.
Takkebijsters 51, 51a en 51b
Surface area:5.500 m2 warehouse
1.200 m2 office
Holland Buyers
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“Our question was quite exceptional: HVBM was able to provide a tailor-made product.”
Frank Klessens
Director - Alimak Hek


Expo Real Munich 2017

From 4-6 October the international real-estate community will gather in Munich. 

Ground Break Ceremony Hollister Roosendaal

We have started! The construction of the new warehouse for Hollister is in full swing and proceeds prosperously! >>

Provada 2017: Connecting the future

De PROVADA, the real estate meeting point >>

New Build to Suit warehouse of 40.000 m2 for Hollister at Roosendaal

DC Halderberge VOF (HVBM Vastgoed/Wouda Invest) concluded a long-term lease agreement with Hollister Services for a new warehouse on business area Borchwerf. >>

A New Deal for Real Estate MIPIM 2017 "The world's property market"

The MIPIM takes place from the 14th till the 17th of March 2017 in Cannes. Adriaan Molenschot will represent HVBM Vastgoed during the MIPIM. >>

Start building Beijer Ref Support Center

The alderman responsible for Spatial Planning and Economic Affairs of the municipality Oirschot, Piet Machielsen, made the “first act” on 2 February: the symbolic start of construction! >>

Gefco Benelux rents distribution space in Waalwijk

Logistics service provider Gefco Benelux has signed a lease agreement for the lease of approximately 7,175 m² office-  and business space on the Van Harenstraat 3 in Waalwijk, a development of HVBM Vastgoed. >>

"In de Steigers" 2016; the group magazine of Heerkens van Bavel Groep

“In the Steigers” is the group magazine where Heerkens van Bavel Groep gives a great first impression. >>

New distribution centre and assembly building for Beijer Ref

At the request of Beijer Ref HVBM Vastgoed develops a building in which the Beijer Ref Support Centre will be established on business area Westfields, Oirschot. >>

Savills IM buys our core portfolio with 100,000 m2 of logistics real estate

Savills IM bought three distribution centres, two located at business area Hazeldonk Breda and one at the Columbusweg Venlo, all three developed by HVBM Vastgoed. >>

Highest point Corning well-attended!

On 14 July, at Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp after a construction period of three months, the highest point of the construction of the new distribution center for Corning has been celebrated! >>

"Symbolic" key to the new distribution, sales and service center Biesheuvel Engineering handed over

The construction is finished! The "key" is given after an intense period of rapid construction ¾ years with pride by Adriaan Molenschot to Mr Pierre Pouletty (PAI) and Meino Noordenbos (Biesheuvel Techniek). >>

New warehouse for one of the world’s leading innovators in the Life Sciences industry

HVBM Vastgoed concluded a long-term lease agreement for a new business space in Amsterdam. >>

Welcome Joan van den Boomen!

We are glad to present Joan van den Boomen to you, from March 1, 2016 employed by HVBM Vastgoed as project manager. >>

Start building new distribution-, sales- and services centre Biesheuvel Techniek

Construction can start! Councillor for Economy and Knowledge of the municipality of Venlo, Stephan Satijn and Meino Noordenbos of Biesheuvel Groep BV made the "first act" December 8th: the symbolic start of construction! >>

New distribution-, sales and services center in Venlo for Biesheuvel Techniek

Biesheuvel Techniek signed a long-term lease agreement with HVBM Vastgoed for a new distribution-, sales- and services center at the Columbusweg in Venlo. >>

Maidstone 56 vanaf 1 januari 2015 het nieuwe bedrijfspand voor BOA Nederland!

Vanaf 1 januari 2015 betrekt BOA Group het volledige bedrijfsgebouw aan Maidstone 56 in Tilburg.

Jumbo also opens Pick Up Point on PUP boulevard Katsbogten Tilburg

From November 12th, customers of Jumbo Supermarket, can shop through the site and soon via an app and pick up their grocery at a pre-selected collection point. >>

Docdata continues growing in Waalwijk

Since Augustus 1, Internet service company Docdata again grows in Waalwijk with approximately 7.250 m2 commercial space. >>

Alimak Hek verhuist naar Bedrijventerrein Kraaiven te Tilburg!

Alimak Hek verhuist naar Bedrijventerrein Kraaiven te Tilburg. De oude locatie in Middelbeers voldoet niet meer en HVBM Vastgoed heeft een nieuwe bedrijfsruimte ontwikkeld waarvoor een langjarige huurovereenkomst is getekend. >>

New neighbor for EnTrada and Sacha Shoes: Pick Up Point Ahold!

Make your car a shopping cart! On 13 December 8.00 o'clock the first new Pick Up Point of Albert Heijn of the Netherlands opened
at business park Katsbogten, Tilburg, a collection point for shopping. >>