Hollister, Roosendaal

"The future of E-commerce"

At the end of 2014 TLogistics, HVBM Vastgoed & Transsmart have, in partnership with Midpoint Brabant and the Municipality of Tilburg carried out research by more than 350 online shops in the Tilburg region, with the aim to determine whether there is a need for a neutral send- and collection point for packages.

A number of special facts and things worth knowing rised from this study, which we would like to share this with the larger and interested public.

Therefore TLogistics, HVBM Vastgoed & Transsmart organize on Thursday, May 28th a seminar entitled "The Future of E-Commerce" in the EnTrada officebuilding in Tilburg. In addition to a short presentation of the findings from the research, we arranged three very interesting speakers, who will present from their perspective, their vision for the future of e-commerce.

For the seminar a selected number of relationships is invited. If you are interested to attend the seminar please report this via y.adams@hvbm.nl so we can see if there are places available.