Hollister, Roosendaal

Provada 2017: Connecting the future

PROVADA, the real estate meeting point, this year on 30 May till 1 June  Amsterdam RAI.

During the three exhibition days developers, investors, consultants, financiers, users and municipalities come together in a professional environment, plans, ideas and visions will be shared.
Adriaan Molenschot is present on behalf HVBM Vastgoed.

The maintheme of PROVADA is: Connecting the future.

The future of real estate is all about technology. Smart systems are playing an increasingly decisive role in how buildings are created and used. These buildings are supposed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. More and more technology is put into them in order to get as much data as possible out of it. Where that will lead to is up to the real estate industry to decide. And that is why PROVADA is embracing the theme Connecting the Future! in 2017.

Info: www.provada.nl