Hollister, Roosendaal

New neighbor for EnTrada and Sacha Shoes: Pick Up Point Ahold!

Make your car a shopping cart! The slogan of the new free service from Albert Heijn. You order your groceries online and you can pick them up when it fits you at the so-called Pick Up Point.

On 13 December the first new Pick Up Point of Albert Heijn of the Netherlands opened at business park Katsbogten, Tilburg, a collection point for shopping.

HVBM developed here for Ahold a warehouse with office in a few months. A large portion of the outer surface is covered by a canopy of 300 m2 so the employee of Albert Heijn can put the grocery dry in the car at any time.

Customers can pick up their groceries between 8.00 and 22.00, which they previously have ordered via Internet, the download is free and there is no minimum order amount required. The collection center must be very easily accessible, partly for this reason is the location Katsbogten chosen.

Alderman Erik de Ridder picked up the first groceries, Albert Heijn gave these to the 'Bread Father' Gerrit Poels.

Online shopping and the changing buying behavior of consumers grow enormously. The New Shopping (Shopping 3.0) has much impact on the logistics processes, the existing retail property and the implementation of inner cities.

Adriaan Molenschot: "with the development of the Pick Up Point for Ahold at a good peripheral location, we try to be as progressive developer and a kind of pioneering manner".

Because HVBM find this issue very evident she chose this theme for the inspiration session during the annual EnTrada Panorama Party: The New Shopping (Shopping 3.0).

The Pick Up Point is the new neighbour of the office tower EnTrada and the distribution center of Sacha Shoes, also developed by HVBM.