Hollister, Roosendaal

EnTrada Panorama Party 2013 : great success!

The number of guests is growing annually. Over 330 attendees visited December 18th, the fourth edition of the EnTrada Panorama Party! A great turnout with many enthusiastic reactions!

This year we choose again the theme HNW  “Het Nieuwe Winnen” ("The New Winning “). A logical continuation of the themes
of the past few years . Two years ago, the session dedicated to “Het Nieuwe Werken” (" New Work ") and last year , we inspired our guests by “Het Nieuwe Winkelen” (“The New Shopping “) .

Prior to the sociable networking reception the inspiration session was held for more than 300 guests. The message : Old business models have to, it is time for fundamental change!

The world around us is changing rapidly. The New Winning, or as Adriaan it likes to call; The New Reality, is the order of the day. It should not be a little different but radically different!

Adriaan Molenschot welcomes the guests and gave the word to Paul Wessels , deputy editor PropertyEU, who enthusiastically fulfilled his role as moderator during the session.

We are very pleased with the speakers that we had selected for the event; thinkers, professionals with vision, powerful fresh entrepreneurs.

Marc Heuvelmans , attorney at Bogaerts & Groenen , kicks off as first speaker. His statement on the first slide "1:2 = 3" raises questions directly, but after his captivating words it was clearly: sharing = winning!

The New Winning? The second speaker Brigit Gerritse , Director Dutch Council of Shopping is adamant: Of course not! Survival of the fittest. Change or Die!

"Last" but not "least " is Peter Savelberg , Director Urban Time Machine, his assertion : " Brabant is the " green heart " of the main "urban power center" in the world ! A new Brabant as a strong position in Europe!

Through red and green cards the audience could indicate in an interactive way whether they agreed or disagreed with the statements of the speakers, this caused some interesting discussions.

With pleasure we look back on a very successful event! Thanks to the many guests,
inspiring speakers and good networking event!

A beautiful tradition, but it is time for another way! .............. We hear you thinking, what .... But really, after this successful event it is time for further innovation!

View the pictures for an impression.