A 70 metres high, 15 floor office tower directly access to the A58 motorway. This energy-saving, durable office building has been awarded the A energy label. It has the unique distinguishing feature of a large digital screen on the facade.

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After my civil engineering studies at the Technical University of Delft, I joined Heerkens van Bavel, first as project leader and, from 1978 as Director. I am a member of the third generation of the family business that my grandfather set up in 1902. My grandmother’s maiden name was Van Bavel and that is how our company came to be named Heerkens van Bavel. Together with my two brothers, we further expanded the business and established a position as a medium-sized builder with an outstanding market reputation. Under my direct leadership, a number of interesting projects were completed in the south of The Netherlands; Pieter Vreedeplein, nursing home De Hazelaar, extension of St. Elisabeth and Twee Steden Hospitals and the Amer Centrale in Geertruidenberg.

Since setting up, I have been the co-director of HVBM Vastgoed. I look after the technical management, quality control and planning and I am responsible for cost control. I terminated my activities with the construction company Heerkens van Bavel mid-2008, so that I could concentrate on my work with HVBM.

I am an art lover and can also appreciate a good glass of wine. Besides my intensive career, I am in the lucky position of being able to divide my free time in Spain and Belgium.

Sjef Heerkens