A 70 metres high, 15 floor office tower directly access to the A58 motorway. This energy-saving, durable office building has been awarded the A energy label. It has the unique distinguishing feature of a large digital screen on the facade.

            to Inspire

After getting my HEAO, MER diploma in property brokerage, I started as a buyer’s assistant. In 2005, I transferred to sister company Alphons Coolen (house building) as “client manager” and from there moved on to HVBM, at my own volition, in January 2009 as plan developer.

From the beginning of each project (the feasibility of which is assessed by us in advance) I am in contact with the client up to the actual handover. Even after handover, I remain involved with the exploitation and management of property that stays under ownership. I have intensive contact with all parties whom I guide in collaboration with Adriaan. Together, we take care of process management both in the design and implementation phases. I also look after the budget and make adjustments in agreement with Sjef.

I play hockey with EMHC in Eindhoven and sometimes venture onto the golf course. I also run and regularly participate in various events, together with Adriaan.

Martine de Groene
Plan developer