A 70 metres high, 15 floor office tower directly access to the A58 motorway. This energy-saving, durable office building has been awarded the A energy label. It has the unique distinguishing feature of a large digital screen on the facade.

            to Inspire

With great pleasure I studied at the HTS (institute of technology) Tilburg. After my study I have gained my experience by Verdij, Complan and 16 years Archicom. Here, I had various positions, from designer to branch manager.

Eventually I noticed that the role as project manager gives me the most satisfaction. For me project management is not only process management but also product management, the process facilitates this process but the product is finally the end result. As project manager I aspire the project from the Program of Requirements to the final delivery, my strength lies in the development process. I find it fascinating to manage the participants in an integrated manner during this process with the aim of an optimum product. If you walk through the building together with the tenants after completion and the tenant then is completely satisfied with his building this gives a kick, the tangible result of the effort of a whole team.

The core values of HVBM as developing together, quality and transparency fit my character well, at HVBM I can realize my ambitions!

Motorcycling is my passion in my spare time, while driving, you are completely free and it is pure enjoyment. One of my other hobbies is traveling, it remains fascinating what the world has to offer.