A 70 metres high, 15 floor office tower directly access to the A58 motorway. This energy-saving, durable office building has been awarded the A energy label. It has the unique distinguishing feature of a large digital screen on the facade.

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I started my career at BDO Accountants and Tax Advisers as an assistant accountant. After 17 years working in general auditing at BDO, I transferred to the business world. Since 1987, I have worked for the Heerkens van Bavel Group as Financial Manager.
As a part of this function, I am also responsible for the financial administration of HVBM - auditing, annual accounts and reporting, forecasting and budgeting.

In addition to daily contact with bankers, I also act as the contact person for both corporate and individual project financing. At the same time, I am also the contact person for the whole group with the tax office. As part of my function, I am a member of the Lighthouse Club of The Netherlands.

One of my main hobbies is my work! Next to that is golf a great passion and that occupies my spare time and holidays. I also enjoy cooking.

Hans Simons
Financial Manager