A 70 metres high, 15 floor office tower directly access to the A58 motorway. This energy-saving, durable office building has been awarded the A energy label. It has the unique distinguishing feature of a large digital screen on the facade.

        To Inspire

What does HVBM Vastgoed do?

HVBM Vastgoed develops properties from various angles:

  • On request of a client, a made-to-measure building.
  • On our own initiative and at our own risk, where our own sites play an important role.
  • From an investment point of view, for example, an investment target in which (re)development work is an integral part.
Key distinguishing features for HVBM Vastgoed are: 

A track record in logistics

We have established a sound track record in the development of corporate buildings and offices for the logistics sector. Flatness and floorcapicity, free stacking height and the number of dock gates - HVBM Vastgoed understands what logistics involves.

Major projects

HVBM Vastgoed dares to follow new pathways and to develop major projects.
For instance, the Cruquius Kwartier in Amsterdam - an expressive example of a renovated office environment and modern workplace. The creative industry finds itself entirely at home in this stylish loft-office on the River IJ.


HVBM Vastgoed holds a large stock of sites that, both in terms of viability and visibility, are situated in favourable locations and often cover large areas.


HVBM Vastgoed distinguishes itself by creativity and renovation as well as by comprehensiveness. HVBM Vastgoed has an eye and an ear for the importance of the contractor meeting the wishes of the end-user.

This is displayed in the architecture of the building - HVBM Vastgoed pays particular attention to design and selects renowned architects for that purpose.