Contemporary custom-built building, certified according to "BREEAM Very Good standard

Team HVBM Vastgoed

Adriaan Molenschot

Entrepreneurial spirit is in my family. I am a descendent of a family business in industrial weighing equipment, where I started my career. Through the construction of weighing bridges, I came into contact with the building industry and transferred to Verelst Industrial Construction where I was first occupied with plan development and the sale of corporate buildings. I subsequently moved into project development with Eurinpro (now Goodman). Eventually, I wanted to go further into property development and sought a financially sound partner with whom I could share knowledge and expertise. That’s how H(eerkens)V(an)B(avel)M(olenschot) was created and this collaboration seems to be very complementary. Since June 2000, Sjef and I have been the management of HVBM Vastgoed.

Every day, I am busy with the general business of acquisitions and I am the first point of contact for potential tenants, users, authorities, agents, investors, advisers and contractors who are involved in projects with us. I firmly believe in establishing long-term relationships and trust is an important part of that. In part, that involves the keeping of pledges and promises and in part the intensive maintenance of my substantial network.

On the golf course, I try to mix business with pleasure and regularly invite business associates. I also find it enjoyable to run and I regularly participate in running events such as the Seven Hills Run, the Dam to Dam Run and the Rotterdam marathon. Every year, we run the Tilburg Ten Miles with associates of HVBM. 

Adriaan Molenschot

Sjef Heerkens

After my civil engineering studies at the Technical University of Delft, I joined Heerkens van Bavel, first as project leader and, from 1978 as Director. I am a member of the third generation of the family business that my grandfather set up in 1902. My grandmother’s maiden name was Van Bavel and that is how our company came to be named Heerkens van Bavel. Together with my two brothers, we further expanded the business and established a position as a medium-sized builder with an outstanding market reputation. Under my direct leadership, a number of interesting projects were completed in the south of The Netherlands; Pieter Vreedeplein, nursing home De Hazelaar, extension of St. Elisabeth and Twee Steden Hospitals and the Amer Centrale in Geertruidenberg.

Since setting up, I have been the co-director of HVBM Vastgoed. I look after the technical management, quality control and planning and I am responsible for cost control. I terminated my activities with the construction company Heerkens van Bavel mid-2008, so that I could concentrate on my work with HVBM.

I am an art lover and can also appreciate a good glass of wine. Besides my intensive career, I am in the lucky position of being able to divide my free time in Spain and Belgium.

Sjef Heerkens

Marc Matijsen

Marc Matijsen
Financial manager 

Joan van den Boomen

With great pleasure I studied at the HTS (institute of technology) Tilburg. After my study I have gained my experience by Verdij, Complan and 16 years Archicom. Here, I had various positions, from designer to branch manager.

Eventually I noticed that the role as project manager gives me the most satisfaction. For me project management is not only process management but also product management, the process facilitates this process but the product is finally the end result. As project manager I aspire the project from the Program of Requirements to the final delivery, my strength lies in the development process. I find it fascinating to manage the participants in an integrated manner during this process with the aim of an optimum product. If you walk through the building together with the tenants after completion and the tenant then is completely satisfied with his building this gives a kick, the tangible result of the effort of a whole team.

The core values of HVBM as developing together, quality and transparency fit my character well, at HVBM I can realize my ambitions!

Motorcycling is my passion in my spare time, while driving, you are completely free and it is pure enjoyment. One of my other hobbies is traveling, it remains fascinating what the world has to offer.

Joan van den Boomen



Willem van der Meijden

After completing my study of Tax Economics at Tilburg University, I took the leap into the unknown and made the move to the real estate market.After an internship at the Brink Group department of real estate & area development, I joined DTZ Zadelhoff mid 2010. During my career at DTZ Zadelhoff - later Cushman & Wakefield - I assisted property investors, developers and users with the most diverse real estate issues.I specialized in the industrial and logistics real estate market in southern Netherlands.

Since October 2017, I work as a commercial development manager at HVBM Vastgoed, a new role in which Adriaan Molenschot and I are responsible for acquisition of new projects and for the guidance and process monitoring of new development projects.

Through my experience as real estate adviser at an international brokerage office, I attach great importance to the expectations and goals of the customer during development. I am pragmatic, creative and goal-oriented and strive for long-term relationships with clients and tenants.

I am a company men and love to spend my free time with family and friends. Together with my girlfriend Gaudelaine and daughter Sam we live in a lovely place in Vught, near the Burgundy center of 's-Hertogenbosch. I regularly go golfing with friends and relatives and enjoy being in the nature with my dog.
I am a member of Young Real Estate Brabant (JOB) and the Round Table (RT 159) in Vught.

Willem van der Meijden MSc
Commercial Development Manager

Joost Laenen

Joost Laenen

Building manager

Yvette Adams

I was trained as a management assistant and subsequently worked at a Tilburg legal firm. I have been a member of the HVBM team since September 2007. I am frequently the first face to the outside world and the direct contact point for clients and tenants.

During my years with HVBM, I have learnt a lot about marketing and communication and that occupies a large amount of my time. In addition to the usual activities (taking minutes, organisation, diary, archiving, preparing presentations, etc.), I support the team in every possible way.

Personally, I love social life and I enjoy being with my colleagues, friends and family privately. I also like sports such as tennis, running or an hour on the exercise bike.

Yvette Adams
Management assistent